About TG

Talismán Gráfico is a cultural project that begins activities -as a printmaking studio and art gallery- with the opening in 2019 of its first space in the downtown area of ​​Xalapa, Veracruz, México.

Talismán Gráfico is directed by its founder, Alberto Zamora, an architect, master in design and architecture, and a specialist in CAD, 3d modeling and rendering; who with an interest in the experimentation of traditional graphics - and the ideation processes - initiates this proposal.


It is a space intended for the production and exhibition of traditional graphic work.


The traditional graphic is characterized by including manual processes and techniques for its elaboration; emphasizing the value of human artistic work for the development of a piece, over the technological one in their daily practice.

At this stage, the project also includes the operation of a virtual store and an online gallery focused on graphic arts and their interactions with other media.